Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jacob's 9th Birthday!

On September 23rd, we celebrated my biggest boy turning 9. JACOB IS NINE YEARS OLD! Doesn't that sound so old? I can't believe my biggest baby is already almost to his double digit years. Oh my goodness! 

His birthday fell on a Friday this year, so he woke up to a bunch of loud "HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!" from the girls and Josh & I gave him his birthday hugs. He had fun celebrating at school with cupcakes and as soon as he got home, it was time to open up some presents! 

Chloe so desperately wanted to get "him" a blind bag. (Notice I put the him in quotations...) She was so eager for him to open this up and kept saying, "I hope it's an Elsa!" 

It wasn't an Elsa, but what do you know? It was Anna! I love how excited he pretended to be! :) Chloe claimed it right away. I guess that's what happens when you're 3. If you're brother gets a princess for his birthday, you can call dibs! 

After the presents were done, it was time go outside to break open the pinata! We saw a Jake one at Wal-mart earlier that day and thought it would be fun for the kids! Everyone took turns taking a whack at Jake, even Luke!

Looks like Jake was the one to finally break him open! 

Then it was time to head back and in and sing Happy Birthday to end the night! 

We had such a fun day celebrating our oldest boy... who I still can't believe is 9 years old! Happy Birthday, Jacob! We love you more than you'll ever know! 

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