Thursday, January 19, 2017

35 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Growth: Baby is around the size of a honeydew melon this week. Measuring over 18 inches long and over 5 lbs. The kidneys are fully developed and the liver can process waste. Most of the basic physical developments are now complete and he/she will spend the next few weeks putting on that weight! Yay! 

My Symptoms:  Shoot, the pressure between my legs is excruciating. I seriously find myself wanting to just cry anytime I walk. My midwife did a quick check last week at my appointment and although I'm still not dilated any, she did say that baby seemed super low and settled. So, at least we know he/she is in a good position and that when labor does start, it should happen pretty fast seeing as how the head is RIGHT THERE. 

I need to head over to Buy Buy Baby to get another support band. I can't find my old one and I bet it would really help me out a lot in these last few weeks with the pressure of how low I am. 

I've started becoming super itchy at night. I always end up having to ask Josh or one of the older kids to help scratch my back where I can't reach. 

Can I be completely honest here? I am miserable about 80% of the time these days. I don't know if it's because it's my 5th baby, the fact I was pregnant with Luke only last year or the combo of everything, but phew. It's been EXHAUSTING! I'm constantly out of breath, my hips and back are hurting, I waddle. I'm just a mess! 

Weight: I had an appointment this past Friday and I've only gained 1 pound since my last appointment 2.5 weeks ago! This is amazing, y'all. 

Maternity Clothes: Yoga pants and LLR leggings are my BFF at this point! I love my oversized t-shirts and maternity hoodies.

Movement: Lots and lots of movement going on! I can totally feel rolling sensations, lots of hiccups and kicks/jabs. 

Sleep: I find myself tired all of the time, but it's hard to fall asleep at night. I'm just so restless. When I stretch my legs, I get charlie horses in my calves and that's so painful. I've been congested these past few weeks, so it's harder to breathe at night with all of the stuffiness.

Cravings: I've wanted ice cream recently. And chocolate has been sounding good.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach, still. Being comfortable. Not waddling or feeling like someone has punched me repeatedly between the legs.

Best Moments of the Week: Luke, Chloe, Mallory & I went bowling with mama last night. The girls had a blast and even Luke ended up bowling the 2nd game. HE LOVED IT!

Questions/Concerns: I'm finding myself nervous about delivery. I've done this 4 times before... I'll be okay! 

Goals for the Week: I've started getting our hospital bags ready, so I want to have those completely finished and ready to go. 

Still need to finish painting Jake's bedroom at some point along with his new curtains. 

Belly Pictures:

Sunday, January 8, 2017

How to make Padsicles

Padsicles are probably the number one item I recommend to pregnant friends. My hospital only gives out the ice packs for the first 24 hours, but let me tell you, you're going to want them a lot longer. With the combo of aloe, soothing witch hazel and the ice coldness of the pads, these are HEAVEN! They're inexpensive, easy to make and easy to store right in your freezer so you can grab 'em and go.

  • Pads - You're pretty much safe with any overnight pad, but I seem to grab the Always brand every time with the heaviest absorbency. 
  • Aloe Vera - Make sure it's the GEL version and 100% aloe. 
  • Witch Hazel - I just grabbed a bottle from Target. Check to make sure it's alcohol-free. 
  • Storage Freezer Bags
  • Spoon to spread the aloe and pour the witch hazel
  • Optional: Lavender EO

1. Unwrap the pad keeping the adhesive in tact.

2. Carefully remove the two adhesive strips and set them aside to place back on when finished. 

3. Squirt the aloe gel along the length of pad and spread out using the back of the spoon.

4. Pour witch hazel into the spoon and evenly pour along the pad.

5. Carefully place the adhesive strips back onto the pad and place into the storage bag. 

6. Now keep repeating this process until you have as many made as you'd like! 

From here, just make some room in your freezer for the bag and voila! Padsicles! Take one out when you get home from giving birth and just wear it as you would a regular pad. These just feel so much better! 

Have you ever made padsicles? I'd love to hear! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

33 Weeks Pregnant!

I was 33 weeks on Sunday, January 1st! Of course I've slacked in the updating department even though I said I wouldn't. So sorry! 

Baby Growth: Baby now weighs about 4 lbs (Baby H was measuring in at an estimated 4lbs, 3oz at our ultrasound last week!) and is over 17 inches long. Baby is growing like crazy and may grow up to an inch in length this week alone! The bones are starting to harden and he/she is also starting to keep their eyes open when awake. 

My Symptoms:  What symptoms am I not having should be the question. I have hip pain, braxton hicks contractions, heartburn, stuffy nose, headaches, back pain, etc. I know that sounds like I'm complaining, but with having a sinus infection, I am feeling like a hot mess and with the added weight of the baby, it's just been HARD.

Weight: No idea.

Maternity Clothes: You know it! Lots of yoga pants and big tshirts at home. I wear my LuLaRoe clothing a lot when I leave the house these days. It's so comfy!

Movement: Lots and lots of movement going on! At my appointment last week, LeeAnn determined that baby is head down and in a good position. So, that's always a nice thing to hear! I feel tons of hiccups and lots of movement along the sides. 

Sleep: Hardly getting any sleep these days. Between Luke waking up super early and me just being sick and not able to breathe well, it's been pretty broken up. I try to get in a nap during the day if I can, but it just hasn't been working out in my favor.

Cravings: MEXICAN FOOD is all I have been wanting! I haven't had any lately and I need to change that. It just sounds SO good to me right now. 

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach. I kind of lay now with one half of my stomach on the bed, but it's totally not the same.

Not feeling tired. I know that's a crazy one seeing as how I have 4 children and one on the way, but hopefully with the sickness coming to an end, I'll be able to get a little more sleep and feel rested.

^ Totally kept it the same from my 28 week update because all of that is so true. 

Best Moments of the Week: CHRISTMAS was last week! It's totally my favorite time of the year and we had such a fun day! The kids all loved waking up to see what Santa brought them and everyone was just so happy opening presents and playing with their new toys.

Questions/Concerns: Nothing really sticks out to me this week. I need to keep an eye on my BH contractions, but other than that, things are pretty good! 

Goals for the Week: Finish organizing everyone's closets/rooms and deep clean the house. I can finally say that I'm ALL caught up on laundry. Y'all have no idea how happy that makes me! Now I can stay ahead and it just seriously makes me feel so much better.

We need to finish painting the girls' room and Jake's room. Although, I guess we should wait a week or two since we have our one year walk through with the builders on the 13th where they'll be taking care of nail pops, etc.

 Make sure I'm drinking tons of water and to stay on top of my supplements.

Belly Pictures: Coming soon! I just wanted to get this post up today!