Thursday, January 19, 2017

35 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Growth: Baby is around the size of a honeydew melon this week. Measuring over 18 inches long and over 5 lbs. The kidneys are fully developed and the liver can process waste. Most of the basic physical developments are now complete and he/she will spend the next few weeks putting on that weight! Yay! 

My Symptoms:  Shoot, the pressure between my legs is excruciating. I seriously find myself wanting to just cry anytime I walk. My midwife did a quick check last week at my appointment and although I'm still not dilated any, she did say that baby seemed super low and settled. So, at least we know he/she is in a good position and that when labor does start, it should happen pretty fast seeing as how the head is RIGHT THERE. 

I need to head over to Buy Buy Baby to get another support band. I can't find my old one and I bet it would really help me out a lot in these last few weeks with the pressure of how low I am. 

I've started becoming super itchy at night. I always end up having to ask Josh or one of the older kids to help scratch my back where I can't reach. 

Can I be completely honest here? I am miserable about 80% of the time these days. I don't know if it's because it's my 5th baby, the fact I was pregnant with Luke only last year or the combo of everything, but phew. It's been EXHAUSTING! I'm constantly out of breath, my hips and back are hurting, I waddle. I'm just a mess! 

Weight: I had an appointment this past Friday and I've only gained 1 pound since my last appointment 2.5 weeks ago! This is amazing, y'all. 

Maternity Clothes: Yoga pants and LLR leggings are my BFF at this point! I love my oversized t-shirts and maternity hoodies.

Movement: Lots and lots of movement going on! I can totally feel rolling sensations, lots of hiccups and kicks/jabs. 

Sleep: I find myself tired all of the time, but it's hard to fall asleep at night. I'm just so restless. When I stretch my legs, I get charlie horses in my calves and that's so painful. I've been congested these past few weeks, so it's harder to breathe at night with all of the stuffiness.

Cravings: I've wanted ice cream recently. And chocolate has been sounding good.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach, still. Being comfortable. Not waddling or feeling like someone has punched me repeatedly between the legs.

Best Moments of the Week: Luke, Chloe, Mallory & I went bowling with mama last night. The girls had a blast and even Luke ended up bowling the 2nd game. HE LOVED IT!

Questions/Concerns: I'm finding myself nervous about delivery. I've done this 4 times before... I'll be okay! 

Goals for the Week: I've started getting our hospital bags ready, so I want to have those completely finished and ready to go. 

Still need to finish painting Jake's bedroom at some point along with his new curtains. 

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