Friday, February 21, 2014

Chloe's 1st time actually eating solids!

At Chloe's 6 month appointment, the doctor gave us the go ahead to start her on solids. Out of my 3 children, she was the only one I waited until 6 months to start. Jake started at 4 months old and ate like a champ. He was my only formula fed baby and I think that had a lot to do with it. Mallory was offered oatmeal at 5 months and she seemed to enjoy it, but it took her a week or two to get the hang of it and did awesome when I introduced other purees and gobbled them right up.

Chloe was a different story. Like Mallory, she was/is exclusively breastfed and so I figured it would be the same thing with her. I completely skipped the oatmeal with her and just went straight to veggies. We started with Squash. As I started feeding her, I noticed she still had the "tongue thrust" that babies tend to grow out of around 5ish months. No big deal, we'd just wait and I'd offer it again in a few days or a week. I knew that it wasn't necessary at this point, but that it was just introducing her to new tastes and textures.

Chloe absolutely REFUSES a bottle of pumped milk, so I figured with adding in some solids, she'd be able to go a little longer between feeds if I ran to the store when Josh was home, etc.

It took us 2 months, but today was the first time she actually opened her mouth when a spoon was offered and swallowed! I was so excited :)

A week shy of turning 8 months old and Miss Chloe ate a whole jar of Earth's Best Sweet Potato and Chicken!

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