Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It's true! I'm PREGNANT! I am 10 weeks pregnant today according to my very first ultrasound and it's been one heck of a journey so far if I do say so myself. We are SO excited for this new little one though and thank God every day for blessing us with #4! FOUR?! Can you believe it?

I first took a pregnancy test back at the end of February and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the faintest pink line. I had to keep double checking it over and over, but I saw SOMETHING and I was so excited thinking that this could be it!

The next day I tested again first thing to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.

NOPE! A line showed up clear as day! AHHHHHHH!!!! I had a good cry and then wrote what you see below....

There is nothing to compare with how I’m feeling in this very moment!
And, because I plan that this will be the last time I experience this feeling, I have to stop and capture it!
So…with hands shaking…
OH MY GOODNESS! I can’t believe it!
I felt weird the past few days and my stomach would get completely tight and bloated after eating.I had bought a pack of tests to take when I was closer to when my cycle was due and even though it was still a little to early to take a test, I swear it was YELLING at me from the bathroom cabinet to come and see!
So, I did. Hands shaking…heart pounding! And, up came the faintest second line. But, so barely that it was hard to believe! I went back and looked at it a dozen times. The second line was definitely there, but you almost had to squint. Was it true? I cried at the thought but wouldn’t really let myself believe it.

I took another test the very next morning and it came up immediately! This was FOR REAL! I WAS REALLY PREGNANT! I immediately thanked God that he gave us this sweet blessing. 
So…today…February 23, 2015…I’m a Mommy again! I have my precious 4th baby growing inside of me as type these words! 

I immediately called Josh to tell him the news and he was so excited! We decided to wait a bit before we told our families, but after a few days we just couldn't keep the news in any longer! We sent this video of Chloe to our parents and they both immediately called us like, "Wait what?!!? REALLY!?!?!"

And then about a week ago, we made the news public!

I promise to start doing weekly updates... especially because this time I ordered those cute weekly belly stickers! 

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