Tuesday, August 16, 2016

13 Weeks Pregnant!

I was 13 weeks as of Sunday, which is my “rollover” day for a new week. (So, technically I'm 13 weeks, 2 days today)

Baby Growth: Our sweet baby now has fingerprints and is already so unique! It's so amazing to me how much happens so early on in the pregnancy. The veins and organs are visible and if the baby is a girl, she already has over 2 million eggs in her ovaries! Baby is roughly the size of a pea pod, about 3 inches! 

My Symptoms: I'm still waking up and getting sick every single morning. Thank goodness for Zofran! I seriously don't know what I'd do without it. There was a day last week where I was in between prescriptions (my fault for waiting so long to refill!) and I wasn't able to take one... BIG MISTAKE! I was throwing up every 30 minutes. Longest day of my pregnancy so far! 

The headaches seem to be going away. I still get them randomly, but I know that's a side effect of the nausea medication. I try my best to drink enough water, but I know I could be drinking a lot more. I wake up and drink my spark/rehydrate combo and drink one in the afternoon as well.

I still get super crampy and it seems to happen most in the evenings. I know since this is baby #5, the stretching and cramping will be felt more but sometimes it's so painful! 

Weight: Surprisingly, I'm still at my pre-pregnancy weight! This makes me so happy because I totally started this pregnancy about 20 lbs heavier than my normal weight. With this being a big surprise and having gone though a pregnancy only last year, I know I was still holding on to some of that weight. It seriously does get harder to lose with each consecutive pregnancy! But I've been trying my best to stay active! (Well as much as I can in the 1st trimester.) I'd ideally only like to gain about 10-15 lbs at the very most to stay within my range. I feel like as long as I keep up a routine and eat healthy, it's possible! Normally by this stage in previous pregnancies, I had already gained a few pounds. 

Gender: We won't be finding out the gender this time. We have 2 boys and 2 girls and it was so much fun being surprised with Chloe that I totally want to do it again. The name won't be revealed until birth either. 

Speaking of names, we have NO ideas whatsoever. Why is it so difficult? 

My gut originally said girl, but some days I get a boy feeling. The wives tales are never right for me and all of my pregnancies have been completely different, so I don't have any "signs" making me lean one way or the other.

Maternity Clothes:  I've been wearing maternity pants/shorts for awhile now. They are just so much more comfortable! As far as shirts, it's a mix. I got rid of a lot of my maternity clothes because we thought we were done having babies, but a friend of mine gave me a bunch of cute shirts so that was a big help! Once the weather starts getting a little cooler, I'll go out and maybe pick up a few pieces to get me through the winter where I'll be at my biggest! 

Movement: Not yet. It should be happening pretty soon especially because my placenta is finally not sitting on TOP of baby! 

Sleep: It's hit or miss. I wake up about 4 times a night to go the bathroom and Luke still wakes up 2-3 times a night. 

Cravings: Ya know, I have really have no idea. It all depends on the day. Some days all I want are subs from Wawa or Subway and other days, I just want big salads! In the early weeks, I loved cucumbers with ranch. And today? It sounds disgusting to me. 

Work Outs: I was doing AWESOME from about weeks 6-8 working out and doing cardio everyday. Then the morning sickness hit and my energy took a big dive. The energy is slowly coming back, so I hope to start working out daily again. I need to do at least 30 minutes on the treadmill everyday to keep this weight gain to a bare minimum. 

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Seeing our sweet baby yesterday! I had my NT scan and it's always so much fun getting a peak at the baby! 

  • I find myself laying on my stomach a lot. Is that still okay?

Goals for next week: Drink more water! Cook more meals at home... it's been rough y'all! Work out more.

Thoughts: I'm finally in my last week of the good 'ol first trimester! I know the nausea/morning sickness always goes well into the 2nd trimester for me, but I know that my energy levels pick back up a bit, so I'm so looking forward to that!

Thought it would be fun to show a comparison picture from this stage in pregnancy with Luke: (13 weeks, 2 days with baby #4) It's still so surreal to me that this was only last year.

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