Monday, August 29, 2016

Richmond Zoo

Back in the beginning of August, Mama and I decided to take the kids to the Richmond Zoo. We've gone to the DC Zoo once before, but with the summer crowds along with my hatred of driving into the city, we nixed that one right away. I've heard great things about the zoo in Richmond. It's definitely a great one to take smaller kids, too! It's not huge, it's easy to get around and there's plenty to see and do! It takes us about an hour and half to travel, so it's not something we'd do all of the time, but it's a nice day trip to get out of the house and see some animals!

This guy was so funny and oh my gosh, he was LOUD! He reminded me of the killer in the movie, Scream with the face he made.

Chloe got upset when she realized she wasn't in the first picture, so of course she had to pose. But wouldn't smile. Go figure!

We did the little train ride they had. It was cute, not too long and the kids enjoyed looking at the animals in the field.

After the train ride, the older kids and Mom went on the lift across the park. 

My absolute favorite part of the day was getting to feed the giraffes! 

The bigger kids also fed some birds. I stayed out of there! I have a little fear of birds flying all around me.

We had a fun day and will definitely return! 

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