Friday, September 2, 2016

Baby #5 15 OBGYN Visit

This morning I went to my 15 week appointment! Can you believe I'll be 16 weeks in a couple of days? That's just insane to me. The pregnancy seemed to drag a bit in the beginning, but now that the kids are starting back to school soon and things are getting a bit busier, time is just flying! I mean pretty soon the holidays will be here, then it'll be January and then baby will coming the next month! WHAAAT!?

The appointment was routine and nothing out of the ordinary. I went back and left my urine sample and for some reason couldn't get the door to lock all of the way. I tried to rush because I was so worried someone would just walk right in and that would've been a little embarrassing in that situation. All was well and I didn't get any visitors! :)

The nurse took my weight and I almost closed my eyes. There's just something about it during pregnancy that seems to make it 10x worse in my opinion. Blood pressure was excellent and baby's heart rate was 158 today! 

LeeAnn came in and she just always makes me feel so comfortable! She looks me right in the eyes when she talks to me and she never once makes me feel like my questions aren't pertinent, especially with this being baby #5. We talked about how things were going, how I'm feeling and any questions or concerns I had. She felt my belly and was like, "Yep! Your uterus is right there!" I felt it, too and I'm happy I can tell exactly where it is. 

A few things we discussed today:

  • I told her that I'm starting to get sick again even after taking Zofran in the morning and she mentioned giving Diclegis a try. She said to start with taking 1 before bed along with 150mg of Zantac. I am totally going to give it a try and cross my fingers this helps! She hooked me up with 3 sample bottles! 
  • Since I'm going for a VBAC, I asked her if I could labor at home for awhile or if I needed to get to the hospital sooner to be monitored. She said we would go more in detail in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy, but that she has no issue with laboring at home for awhile. I am seriously wanting to show up to the hospital between 6-8 centimeters so I can have that baby FAST.
  • We talked about me seeing her with each appointment to ensure that my birth plan goes the way I want it to. (the big part being NO C-SECTION) She wants me to meet the other doctors, but she'll tell me when to schedule with them. 
  • I totally forgot that she immediately let me know all my previous blood work came back excellent and that baby looked PERFECT at my 12 week scan. She said I can cancel my 20 week scan with the high risk doctor and just have it done there at the office. YAY!
I go back in 5 weeks for the BIG appointment where we get my 20 week ultrasound. I can't wait! I love seeing being able to take a peek at the baby whenever I can! We just have to remind the ultrasound tech that we don't want to find out the gender! 

Thanking the Lord above for a healthy baby and pregnancy so far! 

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